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Accept your ignorance: 8 tips from Mary Hobson

Английская писательница и переводчица Мэри Хобсон решила выучить русский язык, когда ей было 56 лет. Она закончила университет уже после 60 и получила докторскую степень в возрасте 74 лет. Теперь, когда Мэри может свободно говорить…




How Russians changed my life: Tim from the U.S.

Growing up in the West we’re certain beyond even the slightest doubt that we know everything, that our view on history is the only possible view. Well, that mentality dies (or at least goes into crisis) as soon as you cross the border. Russia has a very


A Russian has invited me to their home: What should I expect?

If you have received an invitation from a Russian to come to their home, you can be certain of only one thing — that at least they like you. But now the trick is not to screw up because there can often be a few ‘traps’ waiting in Russian homes.


5 tips for a happy life with a Russian woman

You’ll never be bored with a Russian wife or girlfriend: There will be drama, love, romance, fights, breakups, and makeups — so here a few tips to help you keep things in check.